Bristol Jackets for the Royal NZ Navy

Bristol Jackets for the Royal NZ Navy

PSL Fire & Safety delivered the Royal NZ Navy Safety at Sea instructors their new Bristol coats.  The coats replaced the well used and worn coats used over the last few years. The team in the Navy were impressed with the multi layer ensemble which provides a moisture barrier but also allows heat and moisture vapour to escape to minimise operational heat stress and discomfort from sweating.  The sleeves ergonomically shaped to the angle of the arm also will prove to be beneficial to improve the  ease of movement while wearing the coat.

PSL Fire & Safety have a commitment to provide the best protective fire fighting uniforms to all fire fighters in New Zealand.  PSL Fire & Safety have been proudly supplying  Bristol uniform to the NZ navy for the last 20 years due to its supreme  performance and user wearer ergonomics. Updating to new style  Bristol uniform was a sound  decision by the trainers at the New Zealand Navy,  Sea Safety Training Squadron who need the best PPE protection while training sailors in fire fighting.

All Royal New Zealand Navy personnel are trained in firefighting, damage control, sea survival and NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) protection techniques. 

The Sea Safety Training Squadron operates a custom-built facility that replicates a three-deck section of a ship.  The facility can be flooded and set on fire to replicate the conditions sailors must be prepared to confront in a combat or emergency situation.



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