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Bristol Jackets for the Royal NZ Navy

Bristol Jackets for the Royal NZ Navy

PSL Fire & Safety delivered the Royal NZ Navy Safety at Sea instructors their new Bristol coats.  The coats replaced the well used and worn coats used over the last few years. The team in...
Trust in PPE

Trust in PPE

With a host of firefighting PPE available on the international market, varying in cost and quality, how can Fire & Rescue Services ensure they are providing their crew with the best protection? Roger Startin, Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms, details the certification to look out for to keep your crew safe.

Two Hundred Years of PPE

Two Hundred Years of PPE

Firefighter PPE has changed dramatically over the last 200 years. The first uniforms offered little in the way of protection. 200 years ago firefighting was a competitive business run by competing insurance companies, the firefighting...
Bristol Secures First Order for XFLEX Kit

Bristol Secures First Order for XFLEX Kit

Bristol Uniforms has secured an order for its new lightweight XFlex Kit featuring the latest GORE-TEX moisture barrier with the GORE® PARALLON™ System. This system offers unmatched levels of thermal protection and breathability particularly when...
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Fire Extinguisher

It arrived very promptly after ordering
The web site provided good information to enable me to purchase the right extinguisher for my requirements

Great fast and effective.

Great knife. Has only opened cereal boxes and disengaged a beeping smoke alarm or two but has a world of potential and it has its carry case. Value for money!!

Good value, quick delivery

Good service