Fire Fighting Foam & Retardant

At PSL Fire & Safety, we are committed to providing top-quality firefighting solutions to ensure the highest level of protection in fire emergencies. Our comprehensive range of products includes both Class A and Class B firefighting foams, as well as retardants, designed to tackle a variety of fire scenarios effectively.

Class A Foam

Class A Foam is specially formulated to make water more effective for firefighting. The surfactants in Class A foam significantly reduce water’s surface tension and, when mixed with air, create a superior foam blanket that surrounds fuels with a thick layer of water. 

This creates a barrier between the fuel and the fire, knocking down the fire faster than water alone, and allowing firefighters to see the areas of application. Making the water more effective reduces the amount of water needed to extinguish the fire, reduces water damage, and increases firefighter safety through quicker knockdown and reduced mop-up/overhaul requirements.

Class B Foam

Flammable and combustible liquids (Class B fuels) require foams designed for rapid extinguishment and a secure foam blanket to prevent re-ignition. It is crucial that the foam blanket has good burn-back resistance to minimize the spread of the fire from areas where the blanket has been compromised. 

Foam blanket integrity is often disrupted by falling debris or firefighter movement, as well as the dragging of fire hoses and equipment through the foam blanket. 

Over the past fifteen years, governments worldwide have enacted legislation banning or restricting the use of foams containing Per- or Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), such as AFFF. In response, we offer one of the world’s most extensive and technologically advanced portfolios of Class B firefighting foam concentrates, Fluorine-Free foams. Our fluorine-free line includes foam concentrates for hydrocarbon fuels, alcohol-resistant concentrates for polar solvent fuel fires, training foam, specialty foams, and a complete line of Class A foam concentrates. 

Our fluorine-free foams contain raw materials that do not have any intentionally added persistent chemicals like PFAS substances, including PFOS or PFOA siloxanes.

Fire Retardants

PHOS-CHEK® fire retardants help slow, stop, and prevent wildfires by making wildland fuels non-flammable. 

These retardants can be applied aerially via fixed-wing or rotor-wing aircraft and are also used from the ground in active fire settings, in conjunction with prescribed burns, or as a preventive measure well in advance of any fire situation. 

PSL Fire & Safety offers products with high levels of fire retardant effectiveness, varying in visibility, viscosity, adherence to vegetation, and durability through weathering. 

These products are the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly options available. Long-term retardants are offered in red iron oxide, fugitive (disappearing) color, and uncolored. 

They are available in medium and low viscosity, as well as in powder and liquid concentrates.