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              Forestry Fire Equipment

              PSL Fire & Safety offer a range of forestry equipment to fight forestry fires. Ranging from water back packs like The Indian Smoke Chaser & Scotty Forestry Backpack to tools like axes and rakes.

              Indian Smokechaser Pro Backpack

              5 Gallon ballistic nylon bag with heavy-duty, load sensitive internal liner Features Ergonomically designed "wedge" shape with heavily padded closed cell straps to reduce fatigue and resist moisture retention Quick disconnect coupled with USFS approved Fedco Brass pump (#175764) Dual top handles allow for natural balance and secure field filling Military grade laser cut MOLLE system gives the ability to...

              Forestry Hydroblender

              Download PDF Brochure Used to improve the wetting action of water for rural firefighting. A pair of special soap capsules is inserted in the Hydroblender water enters from one side, spirals up around the capsule, gradually dissolving it, and leaves from the opposite side. The treated water saturates dry vegetation more effectively. An excellent tool also for deep-seated fires in...

              Indian Smokechaser Vinyl Backpack w/Pistol Grip

              bladder that has a water capacity of 5-gallons. The brass, hand operated pistol grip pump allows for durability and reliability. The 1/4" ID hose allows for a smooth and even flow. Empty weight is 5.9 pounds. 4 inch poly cap offers greater ease of filling with hose or from stream Poly cap is built with tough ABS plastic, not nylon,...
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