Stand Alone Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
Stand Alone Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Stand Alone Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

The K-400 Kitchen Fire Suppression System is a great self contained solution for fire hazards in household kitchens, boats, and campervans. This unique device is housed in a sturdy, anodized aluminium case that integrates multiple safety features.

The suppressing fire agent is specifically designed to quickly and effectively suppress fires, minimising damage and ensuring safety. The K-400 includes an audible alarm. This alarm activates when the system detects a fire, alerting occupants to the danger and giving them time to evacuate or take other precautionary actions.

A LED light is another critical feature of the K-400. This light visualises the system’s status, making it easy to check whether it is active or needs attention. The K-400 also comes with a key switch, allowing users to activate or deactivate the system as needed manually. This gives users more control over their fire protection, allowing them to respond quickly to potential threats.

To ensure easy installation, the K-400 includes all necessary hardware and detailed instructions. This makes it possible to easily install the system in various settings, from home kitchens to RVs to vessels.

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