Giddens Hydrant Flowmeter

NZD $3,620.00
SKU: 063300

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A compact ready-to-use hydrant flow/static pressure metering system designed to fit directly on to a hydrant standpipe from which the flow discharges horizontally.

Packed in a watertight and airtight Nanuk 925 Professional Protective Case with foam inner for safe transportation and storage.


  • 300mm flow tube fitted with instantaneous coupling inlet and outlet socket for holding interchangeable orifices
  • Bourdon tube pressure gauge, copper alloy stainless steel case, glycerine filled.
  • Reads low back pressures for maximum sensitivity
  • Four Interchangeable orifices supplied to suit different flow rates
  • 70mm Static Pressure Gauge, 0-1600 kPa reading mounted on an alloy blank cap with pressure relief valve
  • Watertight and airtight Nanuk 925 Professional Protective Case constructed of the new NK-7 resin that was developed specifically for the demanding conditions that Nanuk Cases will be exposed to.


Performance and Accuracy: measures 3.3 to 54 litres per second, 200 to 3240 litres per minute. As a result of exhaustive testing and standardised manufacturing dimensions, the flow tables provided are considered accurate to +/- 0.5%, subject to accurate reading of the gauge.

Weight: Gauge – 5.6kg; Gauge and Case Complete – 8.8kg.

Standards: 70mm Instantaneous to SNZ PAS 4505, 64mm Instantaneous to BS336