First Response Home
Fire Cart

Protect your property with a fire fighting package that aids in extinguishing a fire or helping to control it until the fire service arrives. The First Response Home Fire Cart is ideal for use on buildings, brush, and wooded areas. 

Use any nearby stream, pond, pool, or shallow well for your water source. As an optional extra it can be supplied with a tank adaptor that fits onto a standard tank fire fitting and directly onto the suction hose.
First Response Home Fire Cart
First Response Home Fire Cart
First Response Home Fire Cart
First Response Home Fire Cart
Please Note: Some assembly is required the steel trolley arrives 
flat-packed for transport.

First Response Home Fire Cart

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Standard kit comes with:
  • Honda Powered FKT Yellow twin impeller pump.

  • 250kg High Sided Steel Mesh Powder Coated Trolley.

  • 38mm x 30 meter Industrial hose complete with quick connect couplings.

  • 5m length of suction hose complete with camlock fittings.

  • Scotty Fog/Straight Stream Nozzle with D-Handle pistol grip shut offs.

  • Strainer with camlock + Sock

  • 5 litre jug (to prime the pump)

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Protect your property with a fire fighting package that aids in extinguishing a fire.

Scotty Nozzle

Scotty Fog/Straight Stream Nozzle with D-Handle pistol grip shut offs

The Scotty Pistol Grip Nozzle with D-Handle Pistol Grip shut-off has superior characteristics for today’s Class A and Class B foams. It saves huge amounts of water with its fast on/off valve, it is much more comfortable to use for longer-duration fire fighting. 

Manufactured from glass-reinforced polymers makes it is lightweight and easy to use. The Scotty Fog/Straight Stream Nozzles are available in 2 different flow rates; High-Flow (190 to 380 lpm) and a Low-Flow (55 to 190 lpm) model). Both have built-in twist-to-shut-off capability.
  • Flow of 55—185LPM
  • Suitable for bush and scrub fires
  • Comes complete with quick connect couplings
Steel Trolley

250kg High Sided Trolley

  • 330 125mm ball race pheumatic tyres
  • Welded steel rims
  • Powder coated 
  • 40kg weight
  • 1215mm L x 615mm W x 660mm H (1030mm handle height)

Suction Hose

Suction Hose PVC 38mm x 5m complete with Camlock fittings

The PVC Plasticised hose has an incorporated spiral reinforcement of anti-shock rigid PVC. The inside surface is smooth, and the outside is a light corrugate surface. 

 It comes complete coupled with a 50mm (2″) female aluminium camlock coupling and a 50mm (2″) MBSP threaded steel galvanised fitting.
Industrial Hose

Industrial Hose 38mm x 30m Complete with Quick connect couplings

Ideal for industrial uses, this lightweight non-percolating general purpose hose is available in a range of diameters and lengths. Great general purpose fire hose, rubber lined with a high tenacity polyester yarn outer covering.

Suitable for industrial and rural fire brigades, military, static building protection, commercial and civil engineering.
Honda GX160 Pump

Honda powered FKT Yellow twin impellor pump, Honda GX160

  •  4.8HP
  • 30lpm 
  •  90m head 
  • Quick connect out let fitting
  • Male 38mnm camlock inlet fitting
  • Auto low oil cut off

5lt Water Jug

5lt Water Jug

5 litre jug which holds sufficent water to fill the pump to enable priming
Check Valve / Strainer

64mm Brass check Valve with stainless steel strainer complete with a female camlock fitting

  • The check valve has a brass body with a stainless-steel spring for long-lasting durability.
  • Removes solid impurities that may imper the pump operation.
  • The Perforated Stainless screen strainer and wide channel allow for maximum flow.
  • The Vertical check valve is used to prevent the backflow of fluids. 
  • May be used vertically or horizontally.


Lightweight and highly flexible, high bursting pressure.

  • Small Coil Diameter.
  • Resistance to weathering and ozone.
  • Mildew and rotproof. 
  • Easy to repair.
  • Jacket construction of high tenacity polyester yarn, circular woven in twill weave, 2-ply warp threads.
  • Lining construction of high-grade synthetic rubber, steam vulcanised, very smooth for low friction loss.
Please Note: The cart used in the video is a demo only and has been improved to the Steel basket on wheels design as seen in the photos

Optional Extras

Flamefighter III 2.5kg ABE Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

NZD $110.00
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Heavy Duty Brackets 2.5kg ABE

NZD $93.00
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Tank Adaptor LA 100mm MRT x 38mm Female Camlock

NZD $552.00
{price}% OFF Sold out

Scotty Water Wall

NZD $80.50
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38mm F-Camlock to 75mm Male Camlock

NZD $161.00
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Indian Smokechaser Pro Backpack

NZD $395.00
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Industrial Fire Hose 38mm x 30 meters Quick Connect Coupled

NZD $276.80
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