Fire Suppression Sachet

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This is a great package to keep you  protected from oil pan fires.

Very easy to use place the sachet in the pan and let the sachet extinguish the fire. Perfect to have to hand at home, in the campervan / caravan and boat. Doesnt require maintenance and has no mechanical parts.

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No Pressure, Easy To Store

The sachet contents are not pressurised, therefore it is easy to store. Storage life is up to 5 years.

Simple, Safe & Easy To Use

When cooking oil or fat is on fire, simply put the sachet into the pan and the contents of the sachetwill suppress the fire.

Suppress Fire Within Seconds.

Due to the high efficiency of fire suppression agent, cooking pan oil & fat fires can be suppressed in a matter of seconds.

No Mechanical Parts To Malfunction.

The sachet consists of the following: Wet chemical agent, foil bag and carton packaging. There is no need for maintenance.


  1. Easy storage near the stove in a drawer or cupbaord.
  2. Highly efficient suppression agent.
  3. Relatively low cost.