Bristol 49a Glove


Certified to: AS/NZ 2161.6 – 2014
Palm: Double-Face knit of KEVLAR® with Silicon Carbon Coating.
Backhand: PBI® (Gold) with Heat Absorber positioned to protect knuckles. Elastic shirring at the wrist.
Liner: SENSO LINING SYSTEM. The strong and permanent link between KEVLAR® lining, CROSSTECH® moisture barrier and the outer shell.
Membrane: Waterproof and breathable CROSSTECH® moisture barrier with resistance to blood and bacterial infected body fluids.
Cuff: NOMEX® knitted cuff.


Storage: The gloves should be stored in a dry and clean place.
Disposal: Defective and/or used gloves can be disposed of in general waste.
Service life: The service life depends on the degree of wear and the use intensity in the respective areas. Temporal information on service life is, therefore not possible.
Restrictions: These gloves do not protect against chemical, bacteriological and electrostatic hazards. Do not use it when working with rotating parts. Wear and tear can reduce the gloves' protective properties, so regular inspection is recommended.

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