PHOS-CHEK WD881A is a foam-forming water additive designed for use on Class A fires – those defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as fires in ordinary combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and many plastics. It is composed of a mixture of surfactants and other performance components dissolved in a water miscible system. When the concentrate is diluted with water, it produces an excellent “wet water” which then forms a stable foam when mixed with air.

PHOS-CHEK WD881A concentrate is mixed with water at exceptionally low concentrations (0.1 to 1.0% by volume) to prepare solutions. For example, 0.3 gallons of WD881A concentrate is mixed with 99.7 gallons of water to prepare a 0.3% solution. Also, for example, a use concentration of 0.5% is prepared by mixing 0.5 gallon of concentrate with 99.5 gallons of water. This solution is then mixed with air to form the firefighting foam that is subsequently applied to the burning or endangered fuels.

PHOS-CHEK WD881A has been extensively tested and has met the recognized criteria for being classified as biodegradable in water systems. Testing has been conducted using three different types of measurements of biodegradability.

The acute toxicity of PHOS-CHEK WD881A concentrate and its solutions has been extensively tested. Acute toxicity refers to the effect of short-term exposure such as a single contact or ingestion. These tests revealed that the concentrated product is practically non-toxic at even the highest anticipated levels of exposure.

WD881A foam concentrate does not contain PFAS chemicals including, but not limited to, PFOS or PFOA. Fluorinated surfactants are used in Class B foam concentrates and are necessary to form a film on flammable liquid fires. Class B foams should not be used on Class A fires. Never mix Class A and Class B foam concentrates.

Qualifications & Uses

WD881A is fully tested and qualified for use by the USDA Forest Service under Specification 5100-307b for all application methods including ground engines, Canadair water scooper aircraft, single engine air tankers (SEATS), and fixed tank helicopters. WD881A is compatible with fresh water, sea-water and long-term retardant. Foam characteristics are not affected by freeze-thaw. WD881A contains NO HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS, is readily biodegradable, and has no flash point, making it safe to use near open flames. WD881A meets the requirements of NFPA 1150 and has superior performance for use in CAF systems.

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