Nanuk 925 Protective Hard Cases

On a trip out on Yukon Dive to the poor knights on Sunday I was sitting with a hot cup of coffee after our first dive. As with most dive boats I’ve come across the middle section is usually pilled high with dive equipment. Sat on the top was a Black Nanuk 925 case, scraped dinged and well used but solid and in one piece.

I asked who the case belonged too and the guy opposite said it was his. I asked him what his experience of using the case was and he gave me a glowing review. 

He said that he’d had the case for a couple of years and had been pretty hard on it in general throwing it into his Ute and on and off dive boats with a few international dive trips throw in for good measure. He said that the case was incredibly solid and had kept the contents safe and secure without an issue. He made special mention to the Nanuk latches which were still as new. 

Nanuk’s power claw latching system uses compressive force to clamp the case tight. Integrated slide locks offer added security preventing the case from opening during transport or in the event the case is dropped. One of several great features on a Nanuk case.

No matter where I come across Nanuk cases on my travels I always here positive reviews of the Nanuk Protective Hard Cases.

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