DSLR Camera Protection

The Nanuk 908 Hard Case has been specially developed with the Photographer in mind. The 908 is small, crushproof and made from lightweight NK7 resin. The case comes with layers of “pick n pluck” foam allowing you to easily cut out the exact shape you require in the foam.

The case in dustproof and IP67 waterproof rated, comes with patented Powerclaw latching system meaning the case is very secure and will not open even when dropped.

The case features stainless steel hardware and can be carried using the foldable soft grip handle at the top you can also clip on a padded sholder strap (sold separately).

With a deeper depth than similar cases, the 908 is perfect for those looking for a storage solution for bulkier gear and equipment. This versatile case offers enough room to accommodate larger gear, like cameras, drones or binoculars, while still maintaining a compact design for easy storage and travel.

The added depth of the 908 in combination with Nanuk’s high-grade protection features makes this case perfect for storing expensive camera gear during adventures like hiking or kayaking. From DSLRs to GoPros, this convenient case is engineered to protect your gear through even the toughest missions.


Nanuk 908

Increased depth provides more room ideal for DSLR Cameras

Padded protection for you expensive camera gear

Nanuk 908
Nanuk 908

Engineered to carry your gear in complete security.

NANUK's patented PowerClaw latches never open unexpectedly.

Nanuk 908
Nanuk 908

Waterproof (IP67), rustproof, shockproof and designed to survive the journey.

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