Indian Smokechaser Vinyl Backpack w/Pistol Grip

  • Indian Smokechaser Vinyl Backpack w/Pistol Grip
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bladder that has a water capacity of 5-gallons. The brass, hand operated pistol grip pump allows for durability and reliability. The 1/4" ID hose allows for a smooth and even flow. Empty weight is 5.9 pounds.

  • 4 inch poly cap offers greater ease of filling with hose or from stream
  • Poly cap is built with tough ABS plastic, not nylon, and will not absorb moisture and swell
  • Welding process seals the vinyl clad fabric with stronger seals to prevent any leaks – guaranteed
  • Polymer sleeve grip added for easier handling of brass pump
  • Premium Indian shoulder harness straps -offering the best in comfort. Center cinch strap distributes weight efficiently, making it much more comfortable on the shoulders and lower back.
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