Scotty Fog/Straight Stream Nozzle


The Scotty Fog/Straight Stream Nozzles are available in 2 different flows; High-Flow (190 to 380 lpm) and a Low-Flow (55 to 190 lpm). Both have built-in twist-to-shut-off capability.

Ideal for hose stations, industrial uses, forestry and Fire Departments.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Maintenance free
  • Adjustable
  • It creates a perfect, comprehensive, fine mist in fog mode and has an excellent reach of stream, 24m at 690 kPa in straight mode
  • Available in a High-Flow (190 to 380 lpm) and a Low-Flow (55 to 190 lpm) model
  • Nozzle shuts off past straight stream
  • Both flow rates are available in 38mm (1½”) NP, NHT, or BSP Female threads
  • It can be used with Foam or Gel products
  • Also available with Pistol Grip option

Low Flow - SKU:4038-30

High Flow - SKU:4038-70

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