Scotty 4060 Foam Inductors


Scotty 4060 Foam Inductors are manufactured in five flow rates; 15, 30, 50, 70 and 95 GPM. They are designed to be matched with Scotty Air Aspirating Nozzles of the same flow rate. The standard inductor is factory set for a fixed 1% induction ratio. Inductors are available, upon request, for a 0.5% or 3% induction ratio.

All inductors will generate 30 inches of vacuum at pressures as low as 30 psi, making the Scotty inductors extremely efficient. Mounted as an in-line inductor on a pump, the 4060 is restricted to a maximum hose length of 45 metres. With a Backpack supplying the foam concentrate, the 4060 inductor can be mounted to the end of a fire hose.

To adjust the amount of foam solution to be inducted, the 4060 can also be fitted with a Variable Percentage Check Valve with settings of; OFF, 0.5%, 1% and 3%. These units must be matched to the flow rate of the inductor.

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