Firemaster Brigade Inlet Check Valve

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Brigade inlet connectors are installed on riser mains and sprinkler systems to:

a, Enable the fire brigade to pump water into the installation by the use of their own equipment during a fire;
b, Permit proving tests of the water supplies to the installation to be regularly carried out;
c, Facilitate the connection of an emergency water supply to the sprinkler installation if the usual supplies have been disabled.

Materials: The brigade male inlet clapper valve is from gunmetal LG2 conforms to BS 1400 1985.

Construction: Each inlet consists of a 70mm male instantaneous hose connection and complies with SNZ PAS 4505. The couplings are flanged to the manifold with not less than 150mm between centres, if more than 1 inlet is mounted. The flap valve is able to remain closed when the valve is mounted at 15° to the horizontal.

Identification: Stamped PSL + Date (month and year)

Bolt Holes: Are to custom requirements.

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