Firemaster Round Thread Adaptors

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SKU: SKU: 057600

SKU: 057600
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SKU: 059000
SKU: 058900
SKU: 058500
SKU: 60021
SKU: 60045
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SKU: 60100
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SKU: 057600

PSL offer a range of Light Aluminium Alloy round thread adaptors. Precision machined in heat treated alloy.

Where reticulated water supplies are unavailable or inadequate, alternative fire fighting water sources may be used to provide fire fighting water supply. These adaptors fit the requirement as per the New Zealand Fire Service Fire Fighting Supplies Code of Practice SNZ PAS 4509:2008

100mm FRT x 70mm MI – Fixed (SKU:057600)
100mm FRT x 75mm MRT – Swivel Thread (SKU:059100)
100mm FRT x 100mm MBSP – Swivel Thread (SKU:058900)
100mm FRT x 100mm  FBSP – Swivel Thread (SKU:059000)
140mm FRT x 100mm MRT – Fixed (SKU:058500)

100mm FRT x 100 FBSP - c/w Butterfly Valve & Bracket - (SKU: 60021)

Tank Valve Support Bracket - (SKU: 60045)

100mm FRT x 75mm Storz - (SKU: 60102)
100mm FRT x 100mm Storz - (SKU: 60100)
100mm MRT x 100mm Storz - (SKU: 60099)

Materials & Finishes:
Precision machined in heat treated Light Aluminium Alloy, polished finish.

Maintenance on the Round Thread Tank Adaptor.

These are assembled using white food grease mainly for appearance. It is not recommend putting anything like Vaseline or grease on the round thread as this is likely to get dust and dirt stuck on it and may make it hard to couple or cause the male fitting to jam.

The best way to keep round thread clean is to fit a blank cap.

If the fitting has dried out and cap does not rotate freely spraying silicon, CRC, WD40 or any similar product in the back where the cap swivels will make this rotate better and stop binding on the Aluminium.

CRC Marine spray all over the fitting, will dry so it is not sticky and will protect it from the elements.

Round Thread Adaptor Brochure

Storz Round Thread Adaptor Brochure

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SKU: 057600, SKU: 059100, SKU: 059000, SKU: 058900, SKU: 058500, SKU: 60021, SKU: 60045, SKU: 60102, SKU: 60100, SKU: 60099