Delta Low Expansion Foam Branch pipes

Delta produce a wide range of foam branchpipes, foam inductors, mobile foam units and other specialised foam application equipment.

Delta’s new style foam branchpipes are designed to first expand the foam and then accelerate it to a high velocity producing long throws beyond the capability of many older designs.

HV225 – 225 litres/minute (SKU:7711) Self Inducting (SKU:7701)
HV450 – 450 litres/minute  (SKU:7712) Self Inducting (SKU:7702)
HV900 – 900 litres/minute (SKU:7713) Self Inducting (SKU:7703)


  • Long throw
  • Self Inducting models available
  • Designed for all new technology foams
  • Various Flow Options
  • Self Inducting models come complete with pick up tube and stainless steel piercer
  • Carrying Handles are fitted to the 450 and 900 Models

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