Firemaster Brigade Inlet Breechings

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High quality inlet fittings with individual clapper valves. Used for Fire Brigade connections to the building’s riser water main for fire fighting purposes.

PSL’s Brigade Inlet Breechings are all fitted with standard 70mm (2¾”) male instantaneous adaptors (to SNZ PAS 4505), and come complete with individual clapper valves. 2½” (64mm) BI are available upon application.

The body is painted in brigade red, with machine finished inlet adaptors.

Optional extras are 25mm Drain Cocks and FI Blank Caps in Alloy or Gun Metal.

100mm MBSP x 1 Way (SKU:066000)
100mm Table D x 1 Way  (SKU:066100)
100mm MBSP x 2 Way (SKU:066400)
100mm Table D x 2 Way (SKU:066500)
150mm Table D x 4 Way (SKU:066600)

Other sizes manufactured to customer’s requirements.

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