AS Fire Appliance Ladders

For over 30 years, AS Ladders have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional fire and rescue services in over 50 countries worldwide.

AS Fire’s riveted truss construction method only puts the structure where it is needed making their ladders high in strength whilst light in weight. There is no forming required during construction they use ridged high-tensile aluminium alloys of greater strength.

Riveted truss construction allows the replacement of any damaged part by Fire Services or at PSL’s factory – New Zealand’s AS Fire approved service provider.

AS Fire build and supply a wide range of rescue ladders such as:

  • 10.5m Tripple Extension Ladders
  • 10.5m Triple Extension Ladder with Stabilisers
  • 12m Triple Extension Ladder
  • 12m Triple Extension Ladder with Stabilisers
  • 464 model 13.5m Triple Extension Ladder
  • 7m Double Extension Ladder

As applications for these specialist products vary, please consult our Sales Department for further information.

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