We would like to inform all our loyal customers that PSL Fire & Safety has been awarded sole distributorship of all MOBIAK products. 

One of the  great synergy’s between our companies is that MOBIAK is also a family owned company, though theirs was founded in 1977.  Mobiak is one of the fastest growing companies in the Balkans, Europe and the  Middle East in the field of Firefighting Equipment industries.  It is among the leading companies in Production and Distribution in Firefighting and Fire Safety Equipment. 

MOBIAK has accumulated 46 years’ worth of experience in our industry largely through being able to ensure product development, quality & consistency in distribution. 

PSL Fire & Safety will represent MOBIAK exclusively offering our clients the following improved & AS/NZS approved product ranges - FireExtinguishers, Fire Extinguisher Accessories, Fire Extinguishing agents, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Hose Reels and ancillary equipment.
These convenient sachets contain a liquid 
specifically developed for use oncooking oil & fat fires that can threaten the safety of our 
families & our homes.
These self-contained K-400 kitchen fire suppression systems are housed in an anodized aluminium case that not only houses the fire suppression agent but also an audible alarm, LED light & key switch. All hardware required for most installations is included along with the instructions for installation in your home kitchen, RV or on your vessel.

Fire Extinguisher Range

Not only can we now offer improved ratings on most of our ABE dry powder range but also we can now offer a Fluorine Free Foam extinguisher that’s tested & approved for use on class A, class B & class F fires. View the Fire Ratings here
NOVEC 1230 filled heat activated automatic bulb UL listed, suitable for smaller risk areas such as smaller switchboards and machinery.
NOVEC 1230 filled automatic extinguisher for some larger electrical switchboards, critical plant, smaller enclosed plant areas, mobile plant, areas with potentially volatile substances stored. Activation can be automatic utilizing the sprinkler type glass vile or manual.


NOVEC 1230 fire suppression systems are the next step up from the AMFE systems once again aimed at primarily the electrical switchboards & installations, critical plant, enclosed plant areas vehicles & vessels. The activation of these fire suppression systems can be automatic, manual or both as required or desired.
These automatic fire suppression systems can be quickly & easily installed in various applications including vehicles, vessels, marine applications such as outboard motor cowling, electrical cabinets, storage areas for volatile substances.

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