Fire Suppression Bulb - E-Bulb

The Latest Fire Suppression technology provided by PSL Fire & Safety

Industry Proven Fire Suppression Agent

At home, as well as in Industry, there are countless technical devices and appliances to support our modern daily life. Most electronic devices have circuit boards, including computers, dishwashers or dryers, entertainment and lighting equipment, switchboards or smart home devices.

In industry, computer hardware, electronic equipment, electric cabinets and PCB Boards can be found pretty much everywhere.

When the correctly installed E-Bulb activates at the predefined temperature, it will not only discharge the fire suppression agent it contains onto the surrounding area but if wired, the E-Bulb can also interrupt the current flow ensuring the fire cannot reignite.

Applications for E-Bulb

The E–Bulb is filled with an extremely effective liquid fire suppression agent developed by 3m™ called NOVEC1230. This is an industry proven, non-toxic, non conductive fire suppression agent used in many applications by the fire equipment industry.

The liquid suppression agent will upon discharge quickly convert into a gas, the fire suppression agent then deals with fires by both cooling & reducing the oxygen levels in the protected areas that it discharges into & onto.

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