Automatic Miniture Fire Suppression System - AMFSS

The AMFSS range offers a compact, convenient & proven solution that can provide a reliable first-response solution. The easily installed AMFSS range offers you a fire suppression system that works 24/7 providing protection for both people & property.

These can be installed in a variety of applications where they will provide a bolt-in proven solution that minimises the risk of fire damage & loss.

Utilizing the proven technology of a sprinkler type bulb (ampoule) as the trigger mechanism these discharge the fire-suppressing agent when the pre-selected temperature is reached.

When activated the liquid fire suppression agent will upon discharge quickly convert into a gas, the fire suppression agent then suppresses the fires by both cooling & reducing the oxygen levels in the protected areas that it discharges into & onto.

A variety of configurations are available including options such as a pressure switch, gauge, direct response, various different activation temperatures including 68, 79, 93 or 141 degrees Celsius plus the option of manual activation..

How Does the AMFSS Work?



Installing An AMFSS

Steve Smith PSL's Fire Suppression Systems Manager walks through how to install an AMFSS system.

AMFSS Examples

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