Steve Smith Joins PSL as Fire Suppression Systems Manager

PSL Fire & Safety are pleased to announce that they have employed Steve Smith as our Fire Suppression Systems Manager.  Steve comes to us with an intimate knowledge of fire suppressions systems including their installation and servicing and is well known in the fire industry (he is also the current  SIG HOFFE Chairman for the NZFPA).  We look forward to having Steve on board and advising  our customers on all aspects of  fire suppression systems

In addition to our current products & services PSL will now also be able to offer its customers products, advice, servicing, training and the installation of fixed fire suppression systems to suit a range of industrial applications, including:

  • electrical & X-ray equipment systems
  • generators, mobile and fixed plant
  • wind turbines and hydro power plants
  • forestry, mines and quarries
  • shearing sheds
  • packaging houses and out-buildings
  • commercial kitchens
  • MCC rooms
  • data centres
  • port operations
  • waste management facilities
  • construction site

The protection of employees, stock and vehicles is very important for both health and safety reasons and also for the continuation of work in the event of a fire. Fires in these engines can be caused by a variety of reasons including overheated brakes, fuel line rupture, bird’s nests catching fire(tractors) and an Automatic/Manual Fire Suppression System is the ideal preventive measure for dealing with these situations

Any enquires should in the first instance be directed to Steve who is available & happy to assist you with your enquiries on 021 613 131. 

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