Flamefighter Now certified by FPA

Flamefighter is now FPA HOFFE registered

PSL Fire & Safety would like to inform all its customers that the Flamefighter brand of extinguishers  officially recognised through the Fire Protections Association of New Zealand as a registered  certified HOFFE (Hand Operated Fire Fighting Equipment). http://www.fireprotection.org.nz/online-resources/FPA_equipment_registers

Certified  Product (“Register”) lists hand operated fire-fighting Products (extinguishers) and associated equipment that has been formally issued with a Cylinder Importation Compliance Certificate as complying with the requirements of NZS 4503 Hand Operated Fire Fighting Equipment and/or a standard directly cited by NZS 4503. Listings are also included for items which have been certified/listed by the relevant overseas listing agencies as compliant with standard(s) cited in NZS 4503 as acceptable for that product type. Listings are also included for items which have been formally certified as above at the time of first listing, then manufacturer / importer self certified by formal declaration for either ongoing up grades or changes necessitated by amendments to governing standards.

This gives PSL customers the assurance that is has complied with import requirements of extinguishers giving our clients the peace of mind that the equipment supplied is of a high standard and legally compliant

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