Fire Safety Industry Abbreviations

Fire Safety Terminology

Like any industry the Fire Safety industry has its own set of abbreviations which can be very confusing. So we thought we would put a list together of ones that come up alot at PSL Fire & Safety.


  • BI - British Instantaneous
  • FBI - Female British Instantaneous
  • FBSP - Female British Standard Pipe
  • FBSPT - Female British Standard Pipe Tapered
  • FI - Female Instantaneous
  • FNH - Female American Standard Fire Hose Coupling Thread
  • FNPT - National Pipe Tapered Female
  • FRT - Female Round Thread
  • GM - Gun Metal
  • LA - Light Aluminium Alloy
  • MBI - Male British Instantaneous
  • MBSP - Male British Standard Pipe
  • MBSPT - Male British Standard Pipe Tapered
  • MI - Male Instantaneous
  • MNPT - National Pipe Tapered Male
  • MRT - Male Round Thread
  • NHT - National Standards Thread
  • NPSH - American Standard Straight Pipe for Hose Couplings
  • NRV - Non Return Valve
  • P/R - Pressure Release
  • RT - Round Thread
  • SS - Stainless Steel

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