Do you have a working smoke alarm?


Does your home have working smoke alarms? If you live in a rented property then I hope you answer yes to this as from July 2016 it is a legal requirement for your home to have working smoke alarms fitted. 

Having said that statistics say otherwise, Fire & Emergency New Zealand reported that 80% of house fires they attended the smoke alarms were either not fitted in the house or were not working. 

This is an incredible statstic given the small costs invloved in buying and installing smoke alarms compared with the lives of your family. But I kn ow from experience when I moved into my last rented house I had to get on to the landlord as there were no smoke alarms in the house. To there credit the turned up to install one smoke alarm which wasnt going to cut it in a four bedroom house.

Ideally you need a smoke alarm in all bedrooms, living and dinning room and hall way but not kitchen, bathroom or garage.

A photoelectric smoke alarm is a more sensitive alarm and will detect small smoldering fires before they take hold 10 year alarms are available for only $26 dollars which gives you piece of mond for the next 10 years! Not sure how to fit one? Fire & Emergency New Zealand have produced a helpful video which you can see below.

If your looking to buy a smoke alarm we sell a 10 year photoelectric smoke alarm here

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