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Winter Safety Tips

We have almost reached the end of the another year as we approach another festive season. Its been a busy year at PSL Fire and Safety but before we head into our Christmas break I wanted to leave you with a Christmas Safety message so below are a few Christmas safety tips to get you through the festive period. 


  • Fairy lights, almost a compulsory on the tree and hanging around the house in general. When you untangle them from the Christmas box thats been in storage all year just check through to see if the wire has been damaged or the plastic light bulbs that could potentially cause a fire. If buying new ones make sure they carry the NZ safety standard for electrical goods (AS/NZS 5761) if not then buy ones that do even if thats means paying alittle bit more!
  • Also remember to turn off the lights when you go to bed / leave the house. Apart from being green and saving on electricity you reduce any potential fire risk. If you already have an overloaded extension lead consider buying a new one, many come with surge protection which is an excellent safety feature.
  • Also make sure if your putting fairy lights outside that they are made to go outside and are weather proofed accordingly. If climbing ladders make sure the ladder is on a secure base and take it slowly! Always a good idea to have some one ‘spot you’ at the bottom, difficult to enjoy Christmas with a broken leg!
  • Christmas trees. You can’t beat a real tree at Christmas! Make sure it is freshly cut as this will make the tree harder to burn, it will also make less mess on your carpet! Even better buy one thats still potted and water it then you can reuse it for next year! Be careful where you place your tree make sure its not blocking any exits (door ways or windows) Don’t use any naked flames on the tree, ideally LED fairy lights are the best idea as these generate minimal heat.
  •  Smoke alarms, gives them a quick test all smoke alarms should have a test button. With lots off wrapping paper, packaging trees and extra lightning working smoke alarms are a must.

 PSL will be closed from the 22nd of December until the 3rd of January 2018 We wish everyone a very merry Christmas and safe new year!

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