Battery Powered Ventilation Fans in Remote Locations

The PPV fan market has been growing continuously with a speed which is above average and with this variety of technologies available, it can be difficult to choose from the many options available.

Cordless PPV fans are one of the most effective methods for clearing smoke and heat away. Because firefighters need to deal with extremely stressful situations that require multitasking, fans and tools must be available every time an emergency call is received.  

When you consider the need to limit fire damage through coordinated ventilation, a battery-operated PPV fan with replaceable batteries is a particularly effective tool when the fire is in a remote location, in a long distance from the responding fire base.   

The firefighter can stop worrying about being left without battery power while using the fan by having an extra charger in the apparatus. Thus, one battery can be charged while the other battery is being used. With it, you can run the fan continuously.

If you need to choose only one fan as the most appropriate ventilation method for remote locations, we recommend the fan with replaceable and rechargeable batteries for the convenience of replacing during activities and in other situations. When we refer to a "Field Replaceable Rechargeable Battery", we mean that you, as a user, can swap and change batteries quickly. In the event of a defect, it is not necessary for the entire fan to be sent to the manufacturer for replacement or repair.

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