Phos-Chek 259-F Long Term Retardant

Phos-Chek 259-F long-term fire retardant is a low viscosity powder concentrate qualified by the USDA Forest Service for use in all types of delivery systems, i.e., fixed wing air tankers, helicopters with fixed tanks or buckets, and ground engines. It is specially formulated to meet stringent magnesium corrosion requirements and is, consequently, the ONLY retardant qualified for use in helicopters with fixed tanks.

Phos-Chek 259-F is a highly soluble powder that readily mixes with water by recirculation, agitation or Phos-Chek eductor-mixer systems. It is a true fugitive colour retardant that maintains visibility during application but fades to an earth tone colour after exposure to sunlight.

All Phos-Chek Long-term Retardants are qualified by the USDA Forest Service.

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