Fireline Hose

Extremely tough, durable and very abrasion resistant, this fire brigade quality hose is hard to beat. Available in a range of diameters and lengths

It is premium quality, lightweight hose designed for fire attack applications.

High flow, low weight, durable and maintenance free. Fireline is ideal for use in Refineries, Chemical Industries, Military, Fire Brigades (Urban & Rural), Marine and offshore installations.

This non-percolating hose is rapidly replacing old traditional natural-fibre percolating hoses with their limited life and high maintenance requirements.


25mm x 30m (SKU:8056)
38mm x 30m (SKU:8049)
41mm x 30m (SKU:8051)
45mm x 25m (SKU:8059)
64mm x 30m (SKU:8050)
70mm x 25m (SKU:8052)
90mm x 30m (SKU:8057)

Can be supplied uncoupled or coupled with our range of Firemaster Instantaneous Couplings (Wire Tied or Internal Ferrule)

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