PSL Partners


Burns Support Group

Our goal is to improve the lives of burns survivors and lower the incidents of burn injuries. The Burns Suport Group has been helping kiwi burns victims since 1987. 

Through prevention care and education The Burns Support Group aims to lower the incidences of burn injuries and educate people about burn prevention while also supporting and assisting people with burn injuries PSL Fire & Safety are Platimun supporters of The Burns Support Group

Fire & Emergency New Zealand

Fire and Emergency New Zealand can trace its roots back as far as 1854, when the first volunteer fire brigade was formed in Auckland. The organisation now has around 9,000 career and volunteer fire fighters at 440 fire stations throughout the country. Their mission is to reduce the incidence and consequence of fire and to provide a professional response to other emergencies.

PSL have had a long association with Fire and Emergency New Zealand, and currently hold a number of supply contracts [Employer of Volunteer FireFighters] with this organisation. We recommend their website as an excellent source of fire safety information.

PSL are also proud to have within our staff both past and current volunteer firefighters, adding real 
front-line experience to our team.

Institution of Fire Engineers – New Zealand branch

Incorporated in 1924 as part of an international learned body of Fire Engineers, PSL are proud to be associated as a Platinum Sponsor with this organisation.

The IFE is at the heart of the fire community (fire engineers and fire fighters alike), promoting best practice and advancing the discipline of fire fighting for the benefit of society.

The IFE are also renowned for their professional development of their members. If you are a professional fire fighter or fire engineer, we encourage you to join and support this organisation.

Fire Protection Association of New Zealand

The Fire Protection Association of New Zealand is the organisation representing the fire protection industry.

The mission of FPANZ is to provide a professional forum, be the unified voice of the fire protection community, and by drawing on our expertise and collective knowledge, reduce the impact of fire in New Zealand. 

Their membership is representative of the entire fire protection community, including businesses that are involved in fire alarm manufacturing, fire alarm installation and servicing, fire sprinkler installation and servicing, the passive fire protection industry, evacuation consultants, fire equipment distributors, insurance companies, fire engineers, and the New Zealand Fire Service.

PSL are a current member of this organisation, and their website has indepth information and advice on fire protection.

Standards New Zealand

Standards New Zealand is the national Standards body and the operating arm of the Standards Council. They are an autonomous Crown entity responsible for managing the development and distribution of Standards across a range of sectors. 

Standards provide information, establish measurements, and set quality and safety levels, delivering benefits and clarity for both the public and private sectors.

United Fire Brigades Association of New Zealand

The United Fire Brigades’ Association of New Zealand Inc. was formed in 1878 to be the representative voice of the Fire Brigades of the country.

The UFBA is the organisation that is recognised as the representative voice of fire brigades and their members; is influential and respected in the development of policy in the interests of fire brigades and their members; has a membership which is valued and respected as a result of the initiatives of the UFBA; provides opportunities for and promotes the advancement of the competencies of its members; and provides services to its members.

PSL are proud to support this organisation, and are regular attendees at their annual conferences.

Kiwi Resource Protection

Based in Thailand, the Kiwi Resource Protection are a strategic partner with PSL – we have worked together for many years.

Kiwi Resource Protection is a trusted provider of consultancy, fire safety systems and emergency response management services to the commercial and industrial sectors with particular specialities in the Oil and Gas and high hazards industries in the ASEAN region.

They pride themselves in developing and delivering quality customised services to enable our customers to safely manage their people, the environment, their assets and protect their communities and their business reputation