Fire Suppresion Systems NZ

The primary purpose of any fire equipment is to save lives, secondary is to save property. That said often the two purposes can be interlinked, put simply if you reduce the risk to one you reduce the risk to the other. 

Normally a fire suppression system is installed to target a risk that has been identified as potentially damaging to people or property & in some cases it could be a piece of irreplaceable & often crucial machinery. Sometimes there can be other reasons for installing the fire suppression systems such as a requirement that they be installed to operate in certain forests, underground mining, landfills, tunnels, flammable environments & materials or for regulatory reasons.
As a New Zealand owned company we take great pride in being able to help to protect people & property by helping to create & maintain safe environments for those working in our industrial sector. An integral part of this is the fire suppression division which can offer our clients support by ensuring that these fire suppression systems remain fully functional through the whole of their operational life.

Developing Fire-Fighting solutions that can cater for specific risks or meet particular requirements is our speciality. The potential benefits of saving people, plant, machinery & property are significant as is the ability to avoid or at least minimize disruption to your businesses.

Fire Suppression Solutions

Forestry – Whether you need a system for a work ute or a harvesting machine PSL Fire and Safety offers fire suppression systems that are ideally suited to the demands & requirements of New Zealand’s forestry environment.

Mining – PSL Fire and Safety offer a range of intrinsically safe fire suppression systems that are widely used in mining operations & can be tailored to suit the needs of most clients.

Construction – whether you are protecting fixed or mobile plant PSL Fire and Safety can cater for your fire suppression system requirements.

Landfills – Landfills have decomposing materials releasing flammable gases such as methane, materials lodging both in as well as on vehicles machinery & all manner of products on site an intrinsically safe & effective fire suppression system that can operate 24hours 7 days a week is a must. It can help to protect people, plant, machinery & property from the potential damage & disruption a fire can cause, especially as a fires can & have broken out after hours due to material trapped on a machine smouldering before igniting after the machine is parked up.

Marine – when at sea a fire can be devastating as unless your on-board safety systems including your Fire-Fighting systems are up to task you can be left vulnerable to the effects of a uncontrolled fire. It is vitally important that your fire suppression systems are not only provided but also maintained.

Heavy Transport – with heavy transport operations often there is an inherent risk of fire which can be associated with these activities. Heavy transport vehicles can often be operating for long periods of time, with a variety of different materials, sometimes in adverse conditions & be subject to a variety of stresses. These conditions can increase the risk of fire affecting both yourself & others, so taking pro-active steps to reduce your vulnerability to fire can be a sensible & beneficial approach.