IPAD SP1 AED Defibrillator

NZD $3,277.50

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The new iPAD SP1 AED Defibrillator from CU Medical is the latest in the range of intelligent public access Defibrillators from one of the worlds leading Manufacturers of clinical Defibrillator Monitors.

Designed to be used by minimally trained individuals, the iPAD SP1 is suitable for use almost anywhere that People gather, whether it's within the workplace, a shopping centre or a Hospital, the iPAD SP1 makes saving lives easier than ever.

Please note: Nanuk 930 Case option comes with Pick N Pluck Foam. Please contact us direct if you require a custom foam cutout.

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Operating Mode Semi Automatic
Drop Withstands 1.2 meter drop to any edge or surface
Weight 2.4kg including Battery repacement batteries can be purchased.
Dimensions 260mm x 256mm x 69.5mm (Width x Length x Height)
Fully Automated Shock Shock is automatically delivered if a shockable rhythm is detected
Pads Integrated pad storage - electrode pads are stored, pre-connected, in a clear compartment on the underside of the unit
CPR Detection CPR Detection - the iPAD SP1 detects if CPR is being performed when appropriate
Warranty 5 years

Simple switch from adult to child mode
Dual adult/child electrode pads
Ambient noise detector (increases sound level of audio prompts as required)
CPR detection & metronome
Pad life indicator
Battery level indicator
Operational status indicator
Clear visual & verbal guidance