Techincal Information

Welcome to a new section on our website – we’ll be adding more to this section over the coming months, including important information about PSL’s Fire & Safety products, more Material Safety Data Sheets, Technical Specifications and other data to assist our customers.

We also have our Frequently Asked Questions page containing many useful suggestions and ideas about the products and services PSL sell and support.

Identification of PSL Couplings

How to identify if the coupling was manufactured by PSL


Common abbreviations used in the industry

Bristol Uniforms


Extinguisher Chart

Which Extinguisher to use on what Class Fire

Extinguisher Data Sheet

Technical specifications on our extinguishers

Flange Information & Hydrant Valves

Different types and sizes of Flanges and Hydrant Valves

Intrinsically Safe Certifications

Below are some of the more commonly requested Intrinsically Safe Certifications for Torches that PSL supply.

If there are any others that you may require, please contact Customer Services for assistance.

Streamlight 2AAA

IP Ratings

An explanation of various IP ratings

Material Safety Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets for products that PSL sell

NZFS Report – Internal Ferrule Coupling compared to Wire Tied

A comparison of instantaneous fire service hose coupling

Owners/Operating Manuals


Portable Fire Extinguishers

Information about different kinds of Fire Extinguishers

Pressure Loss Calculator

Pressure Loss Calculator for Layflat Hose (excel document)

Pump Comparison

A quick comparison between the Firemaster R 23, Tohatsu V52AS, Tohatsu V53AS

Smoke Alarms

Important Information on Smoke Alarms

Thread Sizing Charts

Common thread sizes for adaptors and couplings etc.


Product Videos and Reference Videos