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Advanced First Aid Medical Kit

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  1. Car First Aid Kit - Basic
    NZD $19.00
    Small lightweight first aid kit ideal for the car.  Contents: Water resistant lightweight bag Tape... Learn More
  2. Advanced Trauma First Aid Medical Kit
    NZD $569.00
    The Advanced Trauma First Aid Medical Kit is a first repsonse kit for medium to high risk Jobs / leisure activities,... Learn More
  3. iPad SP1 Defibrillator Pads
    NZD $109.50
    Dual Use pads child / adult pads for the Ipad SP1 defibrillator. Learn More
  4. Defibrillator Wall Bracket
    NZD $132.50
    Defibrillator wall bracket will fit the iPad SP1 defibrillator. Learn More
  5. Defibrillator AED adhesive wall sign.
    NZD $17.50
    Defibrillator AED adhesive wall sign sold individually. Learn More
  6. Defibrillator Outdoor Lockable Cabinet Stainless Steel
    NZD $1,600.00
    Manufactured from the highest marine grade 316 Stainless Steel  All parts including hinges, nuts, bolts... Learn More
  7. Indoor Defibrillator Wall Cabinet
    NZD $460.00
    Alarmed indoor Defibrillator Wall Cabinet. Alarm is activated when door is opened. The alarm can be turned on or off... Learn More
  8. Hiking First Aid Kit
    NZD $34.50
    A substantial first aid kit, suitable for day hikes and adventure racing. Packed into a hard wearing but light weight... Learn More
  9. Family First Aid Kit
    NZD $60.00
    First aid kit packed into a soft bag. This kit is ideal to have at home as a first response kit for the... Learn More
  10. Workplace Office First Aid Kit 1-12 People
    NZD $60.00
    Workplace First Aid Kit ideal for a small office or workplace Packed into a multi section folding pack. This kit is... Learn More
  11. Lone Worker First Aid Kit
    NZD $74.75
    Small First aid kit packed into a waterproof/crush proof dry bag. The contents inside are packed into a clear pouch for... Learn More
  12. Rescue Craft First Aid Kit
    NZD $92.00
    This kit has been designed for day boats or rescue boats, based on recommendations by Yachting New Zealand. First Aid... Learn More
  13. Inshore First Aid Kit
    NZD $132.25
    Compact first aid kit ideal for day tripper and recreational boats. Meets and exceeds the Yachting New Zealand Inshore... Learn More
  14. IPAD SP1 AED Defibrillator
    NZD $3,277.50
    Download PDF The new iPAD SP1 AED Defibrillator from CU Medical is the latest in the range of intelligent public... Learn More
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