PSL Values

PSL Core Purpose


PSL Core Values

Relationships built on respect:
We have the courage to be straight up and transparent.  We talk facts. We say what we mean and mean what we say.

Professionalism in delivering service excellence
Throughout the supply chain we deliver value for money.  We drive cost and speed for competitive advantage.  We outshine others.  We make things happen.

Passion in our quest for knowledge
We have a thirst for knowledge.  We are inquisitive, probing, and we listen.  We know that knowledge and information are the only assets that will enable us to become advisors to our industry.  Our increasing pool of knowledge is shared throughout the Company for everybody’s benefit.

Trust through the quality of our people:
We are one team, a team of excellent individuals and we appreciate the talents that each of us brings to our Company.  We pull our weight, and at the same time we have a deep understanding that we can count on each other for support.   Our collective strength enables us to pull ahead of our competitors.