Phos-Chek WD881 – Class A Foam

Phos-Chek WD881 – Class A Foam

Water, alone can be inefficient for fighting fires depending on fuel type, fuel loading and fire conditions. Water as it is converted into steam, has tremendous capacity to absorb and carry away heat. Unfortunately water’s strong surface tension causes it to bead up and roll off most fuels and away from heat too fast to be able to absorb its full heat capacity. This effect reportedly makes water only 5% to 10% efficient, thus requiring larger volumes to extinguish a given fire.

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Phos-Chek foam concentrate is specifically formulated to make water more efficient. A unique combination of surfactants significantly reduces water’s surface tension. As a result water containing low concentrations (0.1% to 1.0%) of Phos-Chek foam concentrate, spreads out over the surface and penetrates deep into porous Class A fuels. Getting water deep into the fuel helps put the fire out quicker and protects areas around the fire.

Phos-Chek foam’s white blanket coats and surrounds fuel with a thick layer of water, where water alone simply beads up and rolls off. With foam, more water is now available for a significantly longer period of time to let water absorb its full heat capacity making water more efficient. A blanket of Phos-Chek foam is especially valuable to reduce mop-up and overhaul time, improve exposure protection and combat wild land fires. Reported to be at least three times more effective at fire suppression than water, foam is valuable in fighting fires where water supplies are limited.

Phos-Chek foam’s white blanket reflects oncoming radiant heat, insulates fuel by dispersing heat laterally, continuously releases water from the bubble structure, helps smother the fuel and creates a vapour barrier between the fuel and the fire. The foam blanket gives fuels like wood, hay, fabrics and insulation more time to absorb more water for increased heat resistance.