Stryker Green Fire Suppression System

Fires in your heavy machinery can be devastating. They put your workers & customers at risk & damage valuable assets causing downtime costing money & interrupting time sensitive schedules. 

Machinery operating within New Zealand can be subject to many different climatic conditions & working environments. We also know that the temperatures within the machinery spaces of this equipment can vary substantially potentially subjecting the valuable machinery to heavy stresses. 

By selecting a “STRYKER” fire suppression system to protect your valuable assets you are pro-actively choosing a system that offers the following benefits;

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Stryker Green Fire Suppression System
  • Outstanding extinguishing capabilities.
  • Flexible, low maintenance & cost effective.
  • Non-toxic & eco-friendly fire suppression agent
  • ActivFire listed – certificate number; afp-2423
  • Certified to AS5062-2016
  • Available in a variety of sizes & configurations to suit many applications.
  • Can be retro-fitted to most applications.
  • Most often the installation is done at your site to minimize disruption.
  • A purely mechanical system though shutdown systems & alarms are available if desired.
  • Stainless steel cylinders with nickel plated brass head assemblies.
  • A variety of nozzle options to suit different applications.
  • Protective brass nozzle caps to prevent foreign matter from obstructing the nozzles performing as intended.
  • Designs can be varied to suit most applications.
  • Proven performance.
  • Intrinsically safe.

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Common applications include:

  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Mobile plant
  • Waste management
  • Rail
  • Agriculture
  • Defence
  • Industrial plant
Stryker Green Fire Suppression System Truck Example
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