Firemaster Round Thread Adaptors

Firemaster Round Thread Adaptors

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PSL offer a range of Light Aluminium Alloy round thread adaptors. Precision machined in heat treated alloy.

Where reticulated water supplies are unavailable or inadequate, alternative fire fighting water sources may be used to provide fire fighting water supply. These adaptors fit the requirement as per the New Zealand Fire Service Fire Fighting Supplies Code of Practice SNZ PAS 4509:2003

100mm FRT x 70mm MI – Fixed (SKU:057600)
100mm FRT x 75mm MRT – Swivel Thread (SKU:059100)
100mm FRT x 100mm MBSP – Swivel Thread (SKU:058900)
100mm FRT x 100mm  FBSP – Swivel Thread (SKU:059000)
140mm FRT x 100mm MRT – Fixed (SKU:058500)

Materials & Finishes:
Precision machined in heat treated Light Aluminium Alloy, polished finish.

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