Firemaster Premier Landing Valves

Firemaster Premier Landing Valves

Available for International Shipping

Ideal for prestigious positions in public view, for example hotels, department stores, schools, hospitals etc. Suitable for firefighting on shipping, in industrial plants, mines etc, and also as a drain or discharge valve on bulk tanks.

All PSL Landing Valves conform to SNZ PAS 4505 standard and are approved by the Insurance Council of New Zealand.


  • All Gun Metal (LG2) construction to BSI 1400
  • Body and Handwheel painted Brigade Red
  • Polished Blank Cap and Outlet Adaptor
  • Either  single lug or single pull(double lug) configuration

Inlet Sizes:
64mm (2½”) MBSP Thread (SKU:066200)
64mm (2½”) Table D or E flange (SKU:066300)
75mm (3″) ANSI 150 flange (SKU:066700)

These are our standard sizes, however we can also customise to suit your requirements.

Outlet Sizes:
All feature 70mm female instantaneous single lug adaptor with blank cap and pressure release valve to SNZ PAS 4505. Other outlets available on application.

45º or 90º angled outlets available on our standard sizes.