Firemaster Instantaneous Adaptor – Male to Male

Firemaster Instantaneous Adaptor – Male to Male

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PSL manufactured Instantaneous Adaptors in heat treated Light Aluminium Alloy with a range of thread sizes to suit many applications.

Precision machined and manufactured to SNZ PAS 4505 70mm Instantaneous Standard for use to connect to standard New Zealand fire brigade connections with a 70mm female instantaneous connector.

Wide range of standard thread sizes available in BSP (British Standard Pipe Thread) in Male (MBSP), Female (FBSP) options or can be customised to suit your application.

Some adaptors are also available in Gun Metal.


  • Computer controlled machining throughout manufacture to ensure accurate dimensions
  • Heat treated for strength
  • Precision machined threads

Standard Sizes:
70mm MI x 19mm (¾”) MBSP (SKU:059400)
70mm MI x 19mm (¾”) MBSP with Brass Tap (SKU:088000)
70mm MI x 25mm (1”) MBSP (SKU:059500)
70mm MI x 38mm (1½”) MBSP (SKU:057700)
70mm MI x 50mm (2”) MBSP (SKU:059800)
70mm MI x 64mm (2½”) MBSP (SKU:056900)
70mm MI x 70mm (2¾”) MI (SKU:057300)
70mm MI x 75mm (3”) MBSP (SKU:057100)

Customised sizes available upon client’s request.

SKU: 056900

SKU: 057100

SKU: 057300

SKU: 057700

SKU: 059500

SKU: 055600