Firemaster Deck Monitor

Firemaster Deck Monitor

Firemaster deck Monitor manufactured in leaded gunmetal (bronze) or heat treated aluminium alloy with red finish or to customer requirement.

Deck monitor pictured with optional Fyrex Nozzle.


  • Extremely low profile 
  • Maximum hydraulic efficiency
  • Greatly increased vertical adjustment, -80º- +90º
  • Elevation control using stainless steel, gears and shaft
  • Rotation running in heavy duty ball bearings, with locking device


Performance: 4860 L/min @ 700 kPa
5820 L/min@ 1000 kPa
Friction loss 280 kPa @ 4000 L/min

Inlet: 75mm ANSI F/F, option 64mm Table D
Outlet: 64mm NH, option to customer requirement
Dimensions: Height: 290mm Width: 375mm Length: 415mm (without nozzle)
Weight (approx): 19kg (Gun Metal), 6.4kg (Light Alloy)