Firemaster Blank Caps

Firemaster Blank Caps

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High quality Blank Caps in a wide range of configurations for pumps, standpipes, hydrant inlet and outlets, and fire appliances. Firemaster Blank Caps are manufactured from quality Gun Metal or heat treated Aluminium Alloy, with computer controlled machining to ensure dimensional accuracy.

Instantaneous or round thread (both Male and Female) available in a wide range of standard configurations to meet most requirements, and can also be customised upon application. Finished in either chrome plated (Gun Metal material only) or polished (both Aluminium or Gun Metal), with some models complete with pressure release and connecting wire/chain.


  • Precision machining
  • Gun Metal or Heat Treated Aluminium Alloy
  • Optional Pressure Release
  • Standards: 2 ½” to BS336, 70mm to SNZ PAS 4505


  • 70mm FI – with Pressure Release (SKU:055400)
  • 70mm MI – with Pressure Release (Gun Metal) (SKU:055900)
  • 70mm MI – with Pressure Release (SKU:055600)
  • 70mm MI (SKU:055700)
  • 75mm FRT (SKU:055000)
  • 100mm FRT (SKU:055100)
  • 100mm MRT (SKU:055300)
  • 140mm FRT (SKU:055200)

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