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Our pumps are engineered from the latest technology with premium materials and easy-to-operate controls.

They are built to last and are suitable for numerous applications. Inlets and outlets can be custom machined as per your requirements.

We also offer crush-resistant suction hoses, customisable suction collecting heads, durable hand primers, and precision machined ejector pumps.

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  1. Firemaster Suction Collecting Heads (Inlet Manifolds) Inquire
    Available for International Shipping Inline and Radial Collecting Heads/Inlet Manifolds for connecting hose feed lines... Learn More
  2. Aquadam Inquire
    The PSL Fire & Safety All-In-One Aqua Dam has been developed as a simple and compact water dam that is quick and ... Learn More
  3. Firemaster Suction Hose Inquire
    The PVC Plasticised hose has an incorporated spiral reinforcement of anti-shock rigid PVC. The inside surface is... Learn More
  4. Wajax Type Hand Primer Inquire
    PSL manufactured hand primer of solid construction for priming the classic Wajax forestry portable pump. Features a... Learn More
  5. Firemaster 18 Twin Delivery Portable Pump Inquire
    With 18HP on tap for high volume and twin outlets for added versatility, this pump has it all A combination... Learn More
  6. Firemaster 23 Portable Pump Inquire
    FEATURES Rotary Vane Primer Controls are easy to operate from one location Engine on/off/start rotary... Learn More
  7. Firemaster A Type Ejector Pump Inquire
    Ideal to remove contaminated water without passing through your pump chamber. Used to remove flood waters, clear... Learn More
  8. Firemaster B Type Ejector Pump Inquire
    Used to supply water to main appliance pump from water supply. Comprises male instantaneous inlet and female... Learn More
  9. Firemaster D400 Portable Pump Inquire
    Smaller sibling to our D600, but still great performance and value. Marine version available for use in harsh... Learn More
  10. Firemaster D600 Portable Pump Inquire
    Our premier diesel powered pump, high performance, great economy. The larger Firemaster D600 Multi-purpose Transfer... Learn More
  11. Superjet EFI 1200 Pump Inquire
    Controls and instrumentation are easy to read and to operate from one location and include: Pump... Learn More
  12. Firemaster 80 Pump Inquire
    Small, lightweight, ideal for moving water, the rugged Firemaster 80 pumps are designed to be reliable, easy to start,... Learn More
  13. Firemaster HP50 Pump Inquire
    The rugged Firemaster HP50 pumps are designed to be reliable, easy to start, prime and maintain. Built to last the... Learn More
  14. Water Dragon Ejector Pump Inquire
    Dramatically improve water flow back to the fire appliance with PSL’s Water Dragon. The Water Dragon uses two... Learn More
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