Ramfan EX50Li 40V Brushless PPV

  • Ramfan EX50Li 40V Brushless PPV
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  • Swappable battery packs – Unlimited runtime LED scene lights – Integrated into shroud
  • Smoke ejector capabilities – hang from door bar, vent through duct
  • IP66 Protection from Powerful Water Jets
  • Operational Flexibility
  • I ntegrated LED flood lights are standard, delivering 500 lumens of illumination directly at the entry point of the structure
  • Balanced and Rugged frame design allows the EX50Li to
    be suspended from a door bar for smoke ejection operations
  • Duct adapter allows for use in confined space rescue operations


Dimensions: Height: 560 mm Width: 530 mm Depth: 300 mm
Weight: ≤ 25 kg
Runtime @ Max. Speed: ~40 minutes
Motor: 0.6 kW
Impeller: 447 mm, 5-blade
IP Rating: IP66 (Motor/Battery Systems/Controller)
Battery System: 40V Lithium-ion, 432Wh
LED Scene Lights: 240 Lumens
Optional: Vehicle Mount Charging Unit – Charge two battery packs in the truck for full-time, unplugged, availability of your PPV fans, 115/240V input, Mount horizontal or vertical to save compartment space. Locking latch secures battery packs in place
Accessories: Truck mount battery charger, Hanger Kit, 46cm Integrated Mister, Ducts and Adapters

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