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              PSL are the exlusive agents for RamFan ventilators (PPV's) These Portable PPV's use state of the art battery technology enabling the PPV's to be used in places others cant be used. The Lithium Ion batteries also give you excellent run time.

              Ramfan EX50Li Battery Charger

              NZD $988.00
              Charge RAMFAN 40V Lithium-Ion Battery packs from the fire apparatus or at the fire station. Place RAMFAN Battery charger at the station or in the apparatus compartment. Features 2 models: AC or DC Communicates with battery packs to optimize cell voltage and monitor charge status to ensure. full and safe charge Charging Indicator Light. Provides the status of the battery...

              Ramfan Battery Pack 40V 6AH

              NZD $646.00
              RAMFAN’s R-Series Battery Pack is a water-resistant lithium ion battery that provides a reliable, high-energy-density power solution for portable industrial and firefighting equipment. The battery electronics include built-in protection, monitoring, power control, and battery conditioning. RAMFAN Battery Packs are armored inside and out to withstand wear and tear associated with tough jobsite conditions. They are ideally suited for powering portable...

              Ramfan EX50Li Vehicle Mount

              NZD $278.00
              Price includes GST and Freight Truck compartment mount and tiedowns for EX50Li

              Ramfan EX50Li Wheel Kit

              NZD $345.00
              Price includes GST and Freight Instead of putting a strain on your back by carrying the fans up flights of stairs, this wheel-kit will allow firefighters to pull the fan step-by-step in a fast, efficient order. The tough rub rails will protect against stairs and curbs, which makes the pull of the fan a smoother journey. Like the EX50Li, it...

              Ramfan EX150Li 1.9hp Battery PPV

              NZD $4,554.00
              Price inlcudes GST and Freight User Manual PDF Brochure PDF EX50Li, EX150Li Comparison PDF Our latest and greatest battery operated ventilator designed with a new integrated technology platform: IntelliSense™ E3 controller, allowing airflow to be increased from zero to its full speed progressively and achieve peak performance at the touch of a button. Features and Benefits: Incredible 1400W (1.9 hp)...

              Ramfan EX50Li 40V Brushless PPV

              NZD $5,218.00
              Price inlcudes GST and Freight Specification Document PDF User Manual PDF Battery MSDS Sheet Advanced, high energy density 432 Wh Lithium Ion battery system was designed specifically for the high draw and sustained run-time applications demanded of PPV fans. Swappable packs required enhanced ingress protection to protect against the inevitable sweep of the fire hose. The super tough hard-anodized extruded...
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