Akron Mercury Quick Attack

Akron Mercury Quick Attack

The Mercury Monitors are the newest innovation in firefighting equipment. These monitors are smaller and lighter than any other portable ground monitors, which is ideal for fast initial attack operations. They can be quickly set up and left unmanned at the fire scene to free up personnel.


  • Compact size & weight
  • Rated flows up to 1900 lpm
  • 40 kPa friction loss at 1900 lpm
  • Quick deployment
  • Better ground stability
  • Safe unmanned use
  • Rotation +- 20°
  • Elevation 30° to 60° unmanned, 20° when manned
  • Safety strap & hook
  • Akron’s ball shut-off
  • Full time swivel to alleviate twisted hose
  • Can be used with straight stream nozzle

SKU:7200-34430004 (monitor), 7200-34430002 (nozzle)

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